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Shot in the Dark

While I mainly focus on wildlife I am interested by most facets of photography. This interest recently included photographing the stars and milky way. Reading about it, most writers suggest it was incredibly easy to do. I had all of the right gear, large aperture lens, body with good ISO capabilities, tripod and a remote shutter. I just needed the weather.

The weather has been awful recently the fog has be relentless, with a near constant shroud covering the north. It has been impossible to try and shoot the sky. After nearly two weeks I finally got my break.

Driving back from work I noticed how clear the night was. When I got home I grabbed my gear and looked skywards. Unfortunately there were a few clouds about obscuring the stars. So I repositioned and aimed at the motorway, hoping the long exposure would make for an interesting photo. I wasn't wrong.

D7500 Nikkor 70-200 20 sec at f 2.8, ISO 1600

I absolutely love this image. The lights from the cars disappearing up the valley draw you in, while the glow of a farm house silhouettes the trees. The sky is an interesting shade of orange, I think this is due to the number of break lights. And finally I achieved my original goal and managed to capture a few stars as the drifted over head.

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