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Photo of the Month 003

EOS R SIgma 150-600 S 1/10 sec at F/18, ISO 100

If I am honest I forgot I was doing a photo of the month feature on my blog. With work, lockdown and University I think I can be forgiven for letting it slip my mind. But without further ado it is back!

This Black-headed Gull is my favourite of the last few months, so I guess technically this could be photo of the month 003-005. Anyway I took this photo while working on my portfolio for a current uni assignment. Using a flash gun and a rear curtain sync I was attempting to capture the take-off of a Gull, and as you can see above I think I did alright. I might write a separate blog about the process as it is a tiny bit complex.

Photo of the month is back and here to say!.... fingers crossed at least.

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