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Photo of the Month 002

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

D7500 Sigma 150-600c 1/400 sec at f/7.1, ISO 1250

This Coal Tit just stood out at me as I scrolled through Octobers images looking for a winner. It was taken at Leighton Moss a few weeks ago. After a couple hours observation and waiting for the right light, this Coal Tit decided to visit the feeding station. It is the first decent picture of a Coal Tit I have taken, which definitely helped with my decision.

My favourite thing about this image is the lighting. The use of sidelight produces subtle highlights on the birds feathers. To achieve this effect without losing the detail in the shaded areas of the bird I had to raise my ISO to around 1250. This level was a perfect balance between the correct exposure for the bird yet still allowed for those highlights round the edges.

The background colours also tie in extremely well with the bird. With the colours almost being mirrored between the two. I personally feel the image has a very autumnal feeling about it. I think this is due to the low yet warm light levels. All in all I am really happy with this image.

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