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I was born in Saudi Arabia and spent the first twelve years of my life surrounded by the wonders of the Middle Eastern desert and the Red Sea. This early immersion sparked an interest in wildlife that has continued to grow  as I have.

Thirteen years later that interest is now the forefront of my life. I am based in Cumbria in the UK and take yearly trips back out to the Middle East to help on research projects and as a volunteer with student groups. 

After one of these trips I realised the pictures I took couldn't capture the true magic of the what I experienced. While I recounted various stories from my latest trip my enthusiasm was palpable yet the pictures I took a lot to be desired.

Fortunately for me my dad is an ex-medical photographer and gave me advice on how to better my skills, and after some research of my own I purchased my first DLSR camera.  With this camera I started taking photos of garden birds and other local animals, as a way to hone my skills.

This lead onto my now passion for British Wildlife in particular birds. While I was aware of the more common species I was amazed to discover the multitude of amazing species that are either residents or visitors to the UK.  

Starting as a hobby my interest in these creatures has almost turned into an obsession. With my willingness to capture the moments these wonderful animals share with me apparently endless. 

LM 2020-12-21 0114.jpg

Peter J H.

Photographer, Traveller, Explorer

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